Jul 28, 2014

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Class of 2014 – STARS Hall of Fame

Christina Warholic (left) and Stephanie Speierman

Christina Warholic (left) and Stephanie Speierman

Christina Warholic and Stephanie Speierman became the inaugural inductees into the Maryland STARS Girls Fastpitch Program’s Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious honor given to those who have unselfishly given to the program. In the cases of these two inductees, both were former STARS players who have come back and given tremendously to the program over the years.

Warholic was a member of the original STARS team of 1997.  Her team blazed the path for all other STARS teams to follow. Though she only played her last two seasons of summer ball with the STARS, her team put the STARS on the map as a top travel softball program and ensured that the teams that followed had a reputation to uphold.

When her playing days were over, Warholic coordinated and was the lead instructor at the STARS Summer Camp for 11 years.  She also served as assistant coach of the Stars 12U team before being named head coach of the 12U team and then the 14U team.

Warholic played college softball at Lycoming College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, earned her Master’s degree from Seton Hall, and earned her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and now practices as a pediatric neuropsychologist at BRAINS in Grand Rapids, MI.

After an accolade-filled career as a player, Speierman also moved into coaching as an assistant and then head coach. Speierman has also gone on to carry the torch of coordinating the STARS Summer Camp for the last three years.

Her career as a player included being name Howard County High School Softball Player of the Year four times, leading Hammond High School to the State Championship (to include tossing a perfect game in the championship game).

She set numerous Maryland High School softball records that still stand:

• Most Strikeouts in a State Championship game – 19
• Most Strikeouts recorded by a pitcher in a career – 1361
• Most Strikeouts recorded by a pitcher in a season – 426
• Most Wins recorded by a pitcher in a season – 23
• Most Bases on Balls received by a batter in a career – 104
• Most Bases on Balls received by a batter in a season – 37


Speierman played for the Maryland STARS for 7 seasons and reached more softball related milestones than any player who has ever played for the program. Besides being an accomplished pitcher, she was a top shortstop, and an excellent hitter leading her team to many tournament championships, a top finish in ASA Nationals, and countless wins.

After her very successful summer ball and high school softball days, Speierman played 4 seasons for University of Michigan on a full scholarship.