Sponsor a STARS Player

MarylandStarsLogoPlease consider sponsoring one of our players. Donations may be tax deductible – we’re a 501c(3) organization.

100% of your donation goes towards lowering the cost for not only the player you sponsor, but her whole team. Study after study demonstrates that kids who participate in team sports also achieve:

• higher grades, expectations, and attainment in school;
• greater personal confidence and self-esteem;
• greater connections with school— that is, greater attachment and support from adults;
• stronger peer relationships;
• more academically oriented friends;
• greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents;
• more restraint in avoiding risky behavior; and
• greater involvement in volunteer work.

Invest in your community by sponsoring a STARS player.

Available Sponsorship Levels

  1. Bronze: a donation of $100.00. Your ad & link appear on Bronze Sponsors Page.
  2. Silver: a donation of $250.00. Your ad & link appear on Silver Sponsors Page.
  3. Gold: a donation of $500.00.  Your ad and link appear in the Gold carousel at the top, right of every page; on our Gold Sponsors Page; and on the sponsored player’s team page.
  4. Platinum: a donation of $750.00.  Your ad and link appear in the Platinum carousel at top, right of every page; on our Platinum Sponsors Page; and on the sponsored player’s team page. PLUS you receive a Maryland STARS plaque with team picture.  
  5. Family & Friends: can donate $25 as many times as they like. We’ll create an entry for you on the Family & Friends Sponsors Page.

For Gold and Platinum sponsors we put your logo in the carousels at the top, right of every page on our site. A title goes under your logo, and the picture is linked to your website. Hover over your picture to see a pop-up banner. An example is shown at right. The carousel rotates non-stop showing each Gold sponsor for 4 seconds and Platinum sponsors for 7 seconds. 

There are two ways to sponsor a player:

1) Fill out this Maryland STARS Sponsorship form and return it, along with your check, to the STARS Treasurer. (Mailing instructions are in the document. Checks are made payable to Maryland STARS.)

2) Complete the following form and click Pay Now.

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Please contact the STARS program director, Patrick DiNenna, with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. And we thank you in advance for your donations.